To the Finish

Coming up Kent Island
We awoke at 0500, and quickly found that getting out the bedding was easier than putting it away! We were trying to be silent, so as not to disturb other sailors in the anchorage, but the inflatable pads refused to fit into the dry bags without effort. Eventually we managed to clear the sleep system away, cook a hot breakfast with coffee and hot chocolate, and set sail down the river.

The wind was delightful! Gradually building to small craft conditions, we were just contemplating a reef as we passed by what I think was Dick Cheney's estate, when conditions moderated somewhat. We were in full foul weather gear making excellent time to the mouth of the river, when abruptly, the wind died. Ghosting past the lighthouse and into the Eastern Bay, we began the most frustrating portion of the journey. We were again fighting against the current, and unfortunately I didn't stay in the shallows and only cross the bay once. Hindsight is 20/20 but eventually we fetched the southern tip of Kent Island and turned northwards.

The wind, which had gradually built to that point, went to less than 5kts, and we were attempting to go dead downwind. Not a fast point of sails, and so we began rowing again, ultimately finishing back at Matapeake at 3pm having rowed 35 of the 64 miles.
On the beach were a patient Chief and a very kindly SOS & Ginger, who had finished early that morning, but stuck around to see all the finishers home! SOS helped me shift my car to the boat ramp, and soon enough happy Watertribers Corsair and Badger were headed home by way of a burger joint.

Thanks to Chief, Crazy Russian, SOS, Leatherlungs and the other veteran Watertribers for their support, and especially to fellow Watertriber and "best wife ever" Wally. This was a memorable trip, and kudos to Corsair, who at age 10, is the youngest competitor to finish a Watertribe event!