Kayakers leaving Wye

The Wye River

After a quick sandwich and a short visit with Hoa, Anneliese and Tristan, Aiden and I drifted, sailed and rowed to the privately owned lighthouse which marks the beginning of the Wye River. As we were about to turn into the river we saw the first Watertriber, ArdieO, exiting the river into the Eastern Bay. He would finish several hours later, completing the course in just less than 12 hours; this may be a difficult record to beat.

Wending our way up the deep river, we were finally left behind by SOS and Ginger. They pushed on overnight and finished around 0400, while we decided to anchor and cook dinner after the Wye River bridge.

After dinner and the bugs left, the breeze was pleasant, the sounds of night were enticing me to sleep and the sleeping bag was warm and the air mattress comfy. I was surprised by how easy it was to see; despite the cloud cover, the moonlight lit up the river fairly well. We checked in with the Watertribe site and announced our intention to camp, and read how all the other competitors (even Blue Jay who had left us only an hour before) were pushing on into the night. We hit the "we are going to camp" button on the SPOT and powered down the GPS.
But Aiden couldn't sleep, and refused to let the pleasant evening end. After putting up a mild defense, I gave into his competitive nature, and so we weighed anchor and continued to row along the river. I had to, of course, announce this on the web site and power up the SPOT tracker. Unfortunately, the portable Garmin GPS decided to fail at that point, so we were naviguessing by half moonlight, red headlamp and paper charts.

We soon closed in on Crazy Russian who had moored his sailboat at the checkpoint, and met his adventuresome girlfriend Amy.
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CrazyRussian, with his collection of wampum around his neck from myriad WaterTribe events, including the 1300 circumnavigation of Florida, the Ultimate Florida Challenge.

Fortunately, Aiden was now ready for bed, and we had only to toss out the anchor and set the tarp over the mast which I'd left down. The bedding was ready for us, so we brushed teeth and fell quickly asleep.