Eastern Neck Bridge

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Think we'll fit? We did, but only with an inch or two to spare beneath the bridge to Eastern Neck Island. This was the first hard "filter" of the course, an obstacle designed to limit the types of boats which can complete the course. I'd consider the shallow waters leading up to the bridge another filter, since at times our rudder bumped bottom and we even skimmed the hull a few times. So, a very shallow draft was a definite advantage.
At this point, we had lost touch with most of the racers except Bluejay and SOS. It turns out that the rhumb line from the northern tip of Kent Island to the Chester River bridge was the quickest route, and by tacking across the river we were just adding to distance sailed without advancing to our goal. Lesson learned? In fact, I repeated the same mistake later in the course.

As we turned down the Chester River on the Eastern side of the bridge, we quickly fell into a steady rowing rhthym, and slowly caught up to SOS and Ginger, briefly passing them during the approach to Kent Narrows.