Okoumefest 2013

Okoumefest: Arrival

Okoume Craft
Preparation is always half the challenge with Watertribe events. This year, things were much easier having prepared Sea Dart for last year's Everglades Challenge.

Arriving about noon on Saturday, Corsair (Aiden) and Badger (Phil) set up the boat at the nearby ramp, launched with Redbeard (with his homebuilt trimaran) and rowed to the neighboring beach.

There our fearless tribesmen found the beach littered with small craft, including John Harris (CLC's owner and president) being rowed out to Pocketship, a recent CLC trailersailer design.

Arriving on the beach

I was met on the beach by Leatherlungs, like us, a Philadelphia native, who along with Ridgerunner and CrazyRussian helped us get Sea Dart onto beach rollers and up the beach.

It was fantastic to meet the experienced members of Watertribe, and Corsair was immediately welcomed into their ranks with smiles and a warm welcome. We answered questions about preparation and swapped stories while we gradually readied the boat for the race.
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At 2pm, all the skippers (expect for some late arrivals who were given a good deal of grief by Chief) were briefed on the specifics of the course, the filters and the checkpoint, and rules of the race. John Harris and Crazy Russian (the checkpoint manager) introduced themselves, T-shirts were handed out and questions answered.

Halfway through the meeting, a light rain began, and so the meeting continued under the protection of a nearby roof.
Cold dinner
Hoa (tribal name "Wally"), Anneliese and Tristan arrived soon after, and enjoyed some of the festivities on the beach including building a small paddle boat and looking at the myriad kayaks, rowboats and sail boats.

Once the boat was set up for the race, we all returned to the hotel where the kids swam and the parents relaxed. Soon enough all were hungry, and we headed out to the restaurant next door for crabs and a beer.

Unfortunately, a cold front was passing through, and so our meal was marked by wind and rain, as Kent Narrows was popular this weekend, even if the weather was not.