Bulkheads and storage compartments

It’s been awhile since my last update, but fortunately I can report significant progress.

After the bottom stringers were planed flat, Hoa helped me flip the floor over and position it on the plywood sides. I then nailed it in place, and trimmed the edges so that the canoe has a bottom. Only a couple of nails went astray. Bulkheads were then nailed and epoxied into place, greatly stiffening the structure, especially after fillets were spread from the plywood faces of the bulkheads to the sides. This divided the hull into storage compartments.

Inside will go food, water, clothes, sleeping bags and mattresses, anchors, ropes, and all the sundry gear which makes an expedition survivable and enjoyable. I painted the compartments with an epoxy enamel paint, which should hopefully be durable!IMG_1663

Note the extra bulkhead after station #2, with the oval access holes. This bulkhead is affixed to a plywood box which sits underneath the mast and transfers all the compressive forces to the rest of the hull. This section of the boat is very stiff and strong.

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