Port and starboard hulls

I’ve been gluing the chine, cockpit floor and sheer rails onto the port and starboard hulls, and have kind of enjoyed working with epoxy. I’m using MAS along with silica and wood flour to thicken the mixture, and really appreciate the slow hardener because it takes at least 12-15 minutes to spread evenly and thinly along both the chine rail and the plywood hull. Then there is at least ten minutes of squashing the two together, either by clamps (as shown below folding the starboard hull) or by nails, as I do with the floor rail.

The ability of the rails to stiffen the hull sides is notable when moving the hull sides around… they no longer flex and wobble, and I sure can’t wait to set them next to each other with bulkheads between, just to see the shape of the boat in my mind.
Next steps are to laminate boards at the bow port and starboard, and then taper them at a 10 degree angle to facilitate a strong gluing surface to one another. Then taper the first and last bulkheads, and epoxy the halves together!