It looks like a boat!

It is nice to occasionally take a big step. One happened mid July while Rob, Eva Timmy and Sammy were here from Prague. First, I glued 3/4” stringers to frame the fore and aft bulkheads, and beveled the sides to match the taper of the boat. I then cut notches to fit the chine, floor and sheer rails. Next, I fitted the two bulkheads between the hull halves, strapped and clamped it all together and...voila!
Once I (temporarily) screwed strips across the boat to pull the sides together, I glued the bulkheads up, and then glued the bows together after making sure the two halves mated sweetly. Again, clamps, clamps & more clamps. The resultant epoxy ripple on the tip of the bow is a little unsightly, but the joint should be strong. I made sure to include sufficient fillers (wood flour and silica) to make sure the chunky peanut butter mess can be easily sanded.

I then flipped the boat over, pulled out the hand planes, and leveled both chine rails down to the plywood, so as to make sufficient flat surface so that gluing on the bottom of the boat will be a low stress and highly reliable process. Today I had quality time with a broom, brushes, dustpan & vac.

I also moved the bench grinder off its perch next to the sink, to make room for the WorkSharp... I am using it every two to three days now, as opposed to the bench grinder, which I only use every two or three months. The blades of my hand planes and spokeshave gleam, but I have gotten used to using them scary sharp. I also swapped in new sandpaper onto the WorkSharp. Why not? It takes only a minute, costs a buck, and my time is worth it.

The boys are off to camp for two weeks, and next week I am off from work. Although Hoa and I plan to organize the garage, and do a number of other house projects, I hope to make progress on the boat as well.