Sailing, Watertribe and boat building

A New Boat!


Another boat?

Va'a Motu

But Phil, you already have a boat! Why would you want another?

As we grow, we find our needs and desires change. I've found that the NorseBoat is a stable craft, with plenty of room for friends, and a great tool for hauling stuff to New Hampshire or spending a day tooling around the Chesapeake Bay or taking several people camping. Hoa and I even competed in the 2012 Everlglades Challenge, and found Sea Dart safe and manageable in up to 25 mph winds (albeit a bit exciting beyond 30!)

But I also found her a bit slow and wasn't as excited to take her out unless a number of people were joining me. All that space comes with a weight penalty. And if she tips? An awful lot of water comes in and she cannot be righted without a powerboat.

I wanted something faster, something to reinvigorate my sailing, and something different.

I think I've found it.

Gary Dierking has been designing and building outrigger canoes and proas for decades, and has published a book on building his designs. His website includes pictures of his boats, information on their design and the building process, and links to other website.

His most recent design is a sexy, fast and intriguing new sailing outrigger called Va'a motu. Like most of his designs, it is based on historical Polynesian craft, but utilizes modern materials and methods to optimize the boat.

Va'a motu is nearly 20 feet long, weighs less than 300 lbs, and can be built (by an experienced builder) in 140 hours or so.

Only problem is, I am most definitely NOT an experienced builder.